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Seventy Peoples of the World

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People are different. Each of us knows there exist three races in the world - white, black and yellow (Australoid race is a mixture of black and yellow one as most modern scientists believe). But where did they come from? Tora tells us their ancestor-fathers are three Noah's sons - Shem, Ham and Yafet - whose descendants populated Earth after the event we all know by name World-Wide Flood that wiped the whole ancient civilization off Earth surface. From those three originated seventy peoples whose names are listed in Tora (Bereshit 10:1-32). Genealogy of all modern nations anyway ascends to one of them. Coz it's known from Tora that this number - seventy - remains invariable in front of G-d's throne as well as names and nations tree of each of seventy peoples. Each of them has its angel - so called guardian and patron in front of G-d Who yearly passes a sentence on their fate - which is going to have luck and prosperity, and which - calamity and hard sentence.

Those peoples are very different. Each has its special spiritual potential, strengths and historical fate. One's belonging to some people is defined by father's line. Thus each of us originates from one of seventy Biblical peoples, and we want to describe in all details each of them in the column.

With the end of World-Wide Flood, the world turned into uninhabited and absolutely devastated place. It all was fruitless desert little by little coming to oneself after the catastrophe of such scale nobody ever saw. The descendants of Adam's first son Cain and those of Adam's third son Shet, who were inhabiting the planet before, were totally destroyed. Hashem let survive only to Noah (the most worthy of Shet's descendants), his wife and their three sons with their wives. The entire world was divided between three of them. And they were those who gave rise to seventy peoples of the world, which each of us origins today from.

So, Noah had three sons. Three races origined from them: whites (Shem's descendants - he was the elder son), blacks (Ham descendants - he was the middle one) and yellows (Yafet's descendants - he was the ancestor of all Asian peoples). All Noah's grandchildren inherited anthropological traits of their fathers and thus they could easily define family origin of each other by outward appearance, the way we can do it today as well.

Noah gave his blessing to each son, except for Ham. For instance, Yafet's blessing consisted in expansion of limits and multiplicity of his descendants. As we can see it nowadays - it became true and even started to be a little problem for Yafet's descendants-peoples.

The names of all seventy peoples of the world are enumerated in Tora (Bereshit 10:1-32), where origin of each of them is traced. Everything what's written there is truly confirmed by archaeological excavations and is some kind of classification table for nations and peoples which lets trace their relations. This is ethnographic document of paramount importance having no equal ones by its significance. Ancients knew who relates to what people. For example, it is well-known due to the tradition that Persians are Tiras' descendants, Greeks come from Yavan and Khazars are the people whose origin ascends to Togarma. Each of the peoples of the world is a peculiar civilization, own world with range of foundations and customs, way of life and destiny specific for it only.

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