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Tenth Month is Tevet

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Tevet is the tenth month of Biblical calendar. The constellation of the month of Tevet is Capricorn or kid - if translating literally from Biblical language. It is exactly on this month that herds of goats are back to winter pastures. The matter is if rains were falling on the months of Cheshvan and Kislev and were not falling on Tevet - it is a sign of blessing. In years like those the meadows get covered with thick grass and the herds can find rich fodder at them.

There should be underlined there are no joyful dates in Tevet except for a few last days of Hanuka. The natural color of goats is black and that color accompanies the month of Tevet in which there are a lot of sorrowful dates and fasts. It's even written about one of those events that after it "darkness fell onto the world and it ceased only three days later" (Megilat Taanit). It is also exactly on this month that numerous disasters found its way into our world both in our millenium. That's why Tevet stands apart among all other months of the year and one should not forget it.

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