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Fourth Month is Tammuz

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Tammuz is the fourth month of the year according to Biblical calendar. Tammuz name has Babylonian origin as well as names of all other months of Biblical calendar. They all were taken from Babylonian Empire. The very Tammuz word is name of the familiar pagan cult and the words of prophet Yechezkiel confirm it (Yechezkiel 8:14): "And behold there the women were sitting, making the Tammuz weep".

The constellation of Cancer corresponds to the month of Tammuz. To be precise and close to literal Biblical translation the constellation is called the one of crab. It's called like that because the group of stars occupying the central position in the sky this month is somehow similar to crab. Besides, it is exactly in Tammuz when crabs breed because it gets really warm only since this month and the water warms up enough.

It's written in the holy book of Zohar that days of Tammuz are dangerous and the wicked powers reign in the entire world during this period of time - that's why "Happy is he who escapes from them".

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