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Eighth Month is Cheshvan

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Cheshvan is the eighth month of Biblical calendar. It is a special month. In TaNaCh it's called Bul (fading - Biblical language translation) as far as grass is fading in meadows when the month comes and the cattle starts being feeded with hay prepared in advance (RASHI's comment). Some suppose the name of month descends from Yavul word (harvest - Biblical language translation) coz on Cheshvan tillage and sowing of winter crops begin (RADAK's comment). Others bind Bul with Mabul word (flood - Biblical language translation) coz abundant rains fall on it. And as far as World-Wide Flood began on this month too - it was defined that month will be rainy from there on.

G-d made Cheshvan the month of His anger. This is also reflected in the constellation of the month which is poisonous Scorpio. Scorpions and snakes are often executors of Heavenly justice, according to Midrash. Cheshvan contains no even single joyful date and abounds in disasters. Also Cheshvan is sometimes called the month of Rachel – she died on Cheshvan 11. Midrash says out of all forefathers and foremothers only Rachel managed to mollify G-d's anger about Israel.

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