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Home :: News :: January 12, 2020 - Seven Laws of Noah book for children has been recently published

January 12, 2020 - Seven Laws of Noah book for children has been recently published

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Seven Laws of Noah: G-d's plan for living a good life is a children's introduction to the laws of Noah. It begins with a simple analogy: if we see an empty field and a few weeks or months later we see streets, buildings, cars, houses we know there must have been a designer and an architect. We also know that there had to be engineers, builders, people who built the buildings, planted the trees, painted and prepared everything for living and business.

In the same way we need to look at the world and realize there MUST be an overall designer who decided to create the universe and build each individual thing. The creator is G-d, who not only created everything but created each thing with love, though and design - including every person and every child.

The book continues, laying out each law in simple terms and showing how following the law leads to a safe and just society. The book finishes with a description of what will happen when people accept G-d as both the one who created and sustains the world - and then choose to follow his laws for mankind.

The book is written in simple to understand poetry, in the style, level and complexity of the young children it's written for.

You can follow this link to the online store page where this print edition can be purchased.

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