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G-d was going to sculpture Adam's body. Here is how He "worked". He gathered earth from all parts of the world to build Adam's arms and legs. He took Babylonian earth for a trunk. But to make a head - the most important part of human body - Hashem took handful of earth from the Holy Land of Israel.

G-d put the gathered earth on the mount of Moria where the Temple's altar was to be built later on. He mixed it with water taken from all oceans of the world and sculptured human body from the clay come out. While Adam's body was lying still on the ground, Hashem took past his eyes the images of all his future descendants.

- Did you see? - G-d said. - All those people will come from you! - Adam was flattered.

Before calling Adam into being, Hashem was thinking: "How should I bring the life into him? Probably through the mouth? I can not do like that for he will use his mouth for malicious gossip. Through the eyes? No for he will look with wicked intentions. His ears are not good for soul to come through them coz he will listen to blasphemy with them. I shall choose more appropriate opening - nostrils. The polluted air comes out through nostrils. They somehow purify the body. May the soul come into body through them".

When telling us about Adam's creation, Tora uses the word וייצר ("And He created") with doubled י (yud) letter (Bereshit 2:7). In different case when speaking about animals creation, there's only one י (yud) letter in the word ויצר. By that Tora points out that G-d endowed Adam's body with double-sided nature. Though his body was made of clay, he possessed immortal soul. He was given the ability to live in two worlds - this world and the World to Come. Adam was endowed with two diametrically contrary inclinations, one of which led him to good and the other one drove towards evil. And, at last, spiritually he somehow consisted of two parts - he was man and woman simultaneously.

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