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TaNaCh is abbreviation made of three words: Tora, Neviim and Ktuvim. Together these three words make the very first book of mankind. Those names mean the sections of Bible Old Testament if translated to English:

- Tora corresponds to The Pentateuch;

- Neviim corresponds to Prophets;

- Ktuvim corresponds to Scriptures.

We decided to keep the original names of corresponding books and sections of Bible the way they sound in Ancient Hebrew - the Holy Language Scripture was written in. We call the language Biblical, coz it would be not quite correct to call it Ancient Hebrew. The Bible translation to Greek (so called Septuagint) and further from Greek to all other languages of the peoples of the world led to a great number of inaccuracies and contradictions both as for text itself and as for some specifical Biblical terms. The translation to English - so called "Latin Vulgate"-based translations - is not an exception and it abounds in those inaccuracies. That's we prefer to use the original text in Holy Language, using the direct translation to English and making necessary comments when there's a need. TaNaCh with RASHI's comments is available to purchase at any Jewish Religious Literature shop by Synagogues all over the world.

Below follows the full corresponding between original and traditional English names of TaNaCh sections:

Tora - The PentateuchNeviim - ProphetsKtuvim - Scriptures
Bereshit - GenesisYehoshua - JoshuaTehillim - Psalms
Shemot - ExodusShoftim - JudgesMishlei - Proverbs
Vayikra - LeviticusShmuel I - Samuel IIyov - Job
Bemidbar - NumbersShmuel II - Samuel IIShir Hashirim - Song of Songs
Dvarim - DeuteronomyMelachim I - Kings IRut - Ruth
Melachim II - Kings IIEichah - Lamentations
Yeshayahu - IsaiahKohelet - Ecclesiastes
Yirmiyahu - JeremiahEsther - Esther
Yechezkiel - EzekielDaniel - Daniel
Hoshea - HoseaEzra - Ezra
Yoel - JoelNechemiah - Nehemiah
Amos - AmosDivrei Hayamim I - Chronicles I
Ovadiah - ObadiahDivrei Hayamim II - Chronicles II
Yonah - Jonah
Michah - Micah
Nachum - Nahum
Chavakuk - Habakkuk
Tzefaniah - Zephaniah
Chaggai - Haggai
Zechariah - Zechariah
Malachi - Malachi

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