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ImageSeventy Peoples of the World
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So, Noah had three sons. Three races origined from them: whites (Shem's descendants - he was the elder son), blacks (Ham descendants - he was the middle one) and yellows (Yafet's descendants - he was the ancestor of all Asian peoples). Noah gave his blessing to each son, except for Ham.

ImageRainbow - Seven-Colored Sign of Eternal Covenant
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Noah wasn't fast to execute this commandment, coz he was afraid that G-d might terminate the whole world again in the future, despite His promise. Then Hashem made an oath to never bring World-Wide Flood again and showed a sign in the form of Rainbow in the sky. There was nothing like that before.

ImageTemple Menora - a Symbol for Seven Laws and Seventy Peoples
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One of the special Jerusalem Temple vessels was Menora. It consisted of seven branches and twenty two goblets. Seven lights of Menora were filled with olive oil each evening and had to burn till morning according to G-d's command. Menora represents the wisdom of Tora and personifies intellect.

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TaNaCh is abbreviation made of three words: Tora, Neviim and Ktuvim. Together these three words make the very first book of mankind. Those names mean the sections of Bible Old Testament if translated to English. We decided to keep the names of Biblical sections the way they sound in the Holy Language.

ImageBnei Noah - Short Say About Us
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Bnei Noah is the most ancient religious foundation of all mankind. The very combination of words Bnei Noah can be used for all and each of us, for we all anyway originate from three Noah's sons - Shem, Ham and Yafet - who gave the beginning to three existing at our planet races.

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