Seven Laws

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ImageFour Ways of the Death Penalty
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Human court has no right to put to death nowadays. Things get tricky when it comes to the court of Heavens. If somebody deliberately infringes upon one of six prohibitions - he brings death sentence of Heavens upon himself. Such sentence might be executed by definite sequence of events or coincidence of certain circumstances.

ImageWhat Does the Law Begin with?
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How it can be seen from the direct Biblical text that Noah descendants have to observe Seven Laws? Where did they come from in general? Rabbi Yohanan said that it's written in Scripture (Bereshit 2:16): And commanded the L-rd G-d to man, saying, of every tree of the garden eat to eat.

ImageGeneral List and Short Description of Seven Laws
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Seven Noah descendants Laws are obligatory for observance by each and all of us with no exception. Their observance is the guarantee of existence, peace and prosperity for all of our planet population. Besides, it endows life of each single person with success and blessing.

ImageSeventh Law is No Limb from Living Creature
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The Law originally sounds as Ever Min ha-Hai in Bible. That means the prohibition to eat any limb or flesh taken from animal still having signs of life after the slaughter executed. In some wider sense this is called to make animal suffer and is strictly prohibited.

ImageSixth Law is No Robbery
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The prohibition is much more difficult and deeper than it may seem at first sight. Trivia that lead deep down to the ocean of details refer to definition of robbery, which is, according to Tora, any action that results in causing damage to the other part even at the rate of fewer than the smallest coin value.

ImageFifth Law is No Lechery
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No Lechery Law means banned sexual affairs which include six separate cases: with mother, with father's wife, with married woman, with sister by mother, homosexuality and bestiality. However everything is not as easy as it seems on the face of it - one is going to meet a lot of nuances in reality.

ImageFourth Law is No Bloodshed
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A murderer is considered to be the one who deliberately took life from another person, that also means the one who killed a fetus in mother's womb (abortion), the one who killed a fatal case person (euthanasia), the one who bound and threw somebody to animals for laceration or the one who starved somebody to death.

ImageThird Law is No Idolatry
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Worshipping idols is called Avoda Zara (alien service) in Biblical language. In the most general outline it all can be defined as serving and worshipping anything except G-d. In other words - the recognition there are some different powers, except for Hashem, that can somehow influence our fate.

ImageSecond Law is No Blasphemy
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The prohibition to curse the name of G-d is meant by No Blasphemy Law. That means any name used to call G-d in any language. The meaning of the prohibition refers to man who must accept humbly and thankfully everything that happens in his life and remember Hashem is merciful and long-patient.

ImageFirst Law is Courts
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How is establishment of courts and appointment of judges Law observed? The peoples of the world must appoint judges and deans for each region and each town so that they judged on the basis of Six undermentioned Laws and warned people from infringement upon them.

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