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Fifth Month is Av

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The month of Av is the fifth month of Biblical calendar. The month is sometimes called a consoler. Coz it is exactly during it when the humankind waits for consolation for all those miseries it brought into the world - and first of all for destruction of the First and the Second Temple. There exists an opinion that name of month can be read and interpreted as the abbreviation of the words Edom and Bavel what means names of two empires which destructed both Temples.

The constellation of the month is Leo. Here it also contains the hint for the future consolation which will be given by Hashem on this month. Because Israel is so often compared exactly to lion in the books of TaNaCh.

When Av comes, the expression of joy is decreased even more as far as there should be no joy at all on these days. As it's prohibited to have fun these days as it's prohibited to encourage anybody to have fun and perform any actions causing any joy expression. However, one should remember that all those actions are not spreaded over the actions aimed at fulfilling a commandment.

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