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Home :: News :: May 18, 2007 - Mystery of the World-Wide Flood discovered

May 18, 2007 - Mystery of the World-Wide Flood discovered

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The scientists have discovered the oceans under the surface of our planet, at a depth of more than 1000 kilometres.

All of a sudden comes the water...

The World-Wide Flood story comes from the Bible. And it seems to be the myth. However, a lot of scientists believe the flood happened indeed. They say there are now abundant signs left by the Flood on the surface of continents. And the salines - the lakes with sea water - thrown about the land and located thousands kilometres far offshore, those are remains of the Flood.

But where did the water come from for that disastrous and global deluge? The deluge of such a scale that old chap Noah moored his Ark at the top of the mountain of Ararat?

There are a plenty of hypotheses. An asteroid or a comet could fall into the ocean and that caused a tremendous tsunami. Or ice could melt because of global warming and it flooded all around. Or quite the contrary, it got cold - the ice locked the rivers and displaced the water residuary in the oceans what increased the water-level tremendously. There are some who even prove the axis of the equator shifted and it brought the water wave a few kilometres high to turn round the land.

However, until very recently, there was no serious scientifical data one could lean on as for his assumptions. Now we've got it. The reports about epoch-making discovery of American scientists started since February. And the basis now appeared for the hypothesis which would be considered as crazy not so long ago. It says the water for the World-Wide Flood came from the interior of the Earth. It is no science fiction now at all - the entire oceans are discovered inside our planet.

Two subterranean oceans

Our planet is tied around by a network of seismographs - the devices registering the earthquakes, tracing and drawing their characteristics - seismograms. Comparing the records made in various regions one can monitor how the earthquake waves extend within the earth's crust and the mantle. The American investigators - seismology professor of the Washington University Michael E. Wysession (St. Louis, MO) and his student engaged on degree thesis Jesse Lawrence working now at the Californian University (San Diego, CA) took advantage of those data gathered for many years. They studied 600 thousand seismograms altogether. The scientists were shocked by the results processed - the huge reservoirs of water are located at least in two places, under the Eastern part of Eurasia and North America.

- The picture of attenuation of longitudinal seismic waves is an evidence of that, - the professor says, - it's typical for water only.

The scientists made a three-dimensional model for the explored Earth's interior and make believe there's at least the Arctic Ocean of the water in there.

It is located at a depth of 1200-1400 kilometres.

The Russian academician Eric Galimov - the director of Institute of geochemistry and analytical chemistry by Vernadskogo - called Wysession's hypothesis "quite probable". A little bit earlier, somewhere in the middle of the last year, British scientists from the University of Manchester also discovered sea water under the Earth's surface. They identified its traces in the carbonic acid gas. Byt they were not believed. Even after the article in the trustworthy "Nature" magazine.

The Earth burst

It is still a question how the water got inside the Earth - and it is not inconceivable it was generated together with the planet. That means it was always there. However many investigators suppose: the abyssal water can come out to the surface at regular intervals. And vice versa, the oceanic water - which is located outside - leaks deep into. Using the language of science, the terrestrial hydrosphere can vary in volume. Most likely, because of shearing of the earth's crust and the mantle.

By the way, there are strange holes at the ocean floor. The water with the temperature of 400 degrees boils over out of them. They are called "black smokers". It is possible the water from within is leaking.

It is not improbable that the subterranean reservoirs burst thoroughly in antediluvian times. And the disastrous eruption of the hot saline water with steam started, as if from boiler broken. World Ocean level went up, and the downpour gushed from the sky because of steam condensed - for 40 days and 40 nights. And the World-Wide Flood resulted. Then the water was sucked back inside.

This means, at least in theory, such a disaster may happen again. At that scale, that even the mountain of Ararat will be hidden from view. Professor Wysession frightens that there's even more water in those areas of the mantle which are not explored yet - below the oceans discovered by him. There's a lot of water in there. Its volume may be five times more than that of all external oceans.

Vladimir Lagovskiy
Komsomolskaya Pravda Weekly on April 6, 2007

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