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Home :: News :: January 13, 2008 - The first in Russia Bnei Noah community is being created in Moscow

January 13, 2008 - The first in Russia Bnei Noah community is being created in Moscow

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Dear website visitors!

We are the group of young people who take the initiative and would like to organize Bnei Noah community in the region of Moscow. We're currently looking for supporter and try to organize people in the region of Moscow. We're sure we - Bnei Noah - are a lot in the region, only we're not united yet and simply do not know about each other. We've opened the virtual area at We plan to lay out the local announcements there for non-Jews of Moscow and Moscow region. We'd like to ask you for some help. We're sure both we and you are doing the same business. It would be great if we help each other. Having made our efforts united, we could do more, with G-d's help. We would appreciate if you write us what you think about that. You could do that at the forum by clicking here.

Below you can read the letter we ask you subscribe to. If you support the foundation of Bnei Noah community in Moscow, please write your first and last name and contact data, if possible, and send the e-mail titled as "Bnei Noah in Moscow" to: When we've got enough people subscribed to the letter, we will give the letter to the rabbis responsible for founding Bnei Noah community.

Svetlana and Evgeniy

To the Chief Rabbi of Russia
Berl Lazar
from the representatives of non-Jews

The Open Letter

Dear Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar!

We address and ask you to help us organize Bnei Noah community in the city of Moscow. Its purpose will be to spread Seven Laws of Noah among non-Jewish population of the city and to educate non-Jews how to observe the commandments of Tora.

In our opinion, all reasons for foundation of such community have already turned out in the modern society. We bring only two major of them:

1. The new whirlwind of antisemitism becomes acute in Russia. As it's known, antisemitism is irrational in Russia and is often caused by either absense of knowledge or false knowledge about Jews and Jewish way of life. The neutral position or the unwillingness to counteract this process can lead us to the repetition of what happened in Germany in the thirties of the last century. However, non-Jews and especially non-Jewish youth educated on the basis of Seven Laws common for the whole mankind will never let it repeat and will be able to counteract those disgusting things. We're sure such Bnei Noah community would be able to unite those people within it.

On the other hand, there's a spiritual uplift in Russia today and many people are in spiritual searchings. As the result of those spiritual searchings many people address Rabbinical with the desire to convert to Judaism. As a rule, the claimants are rejected, and this either embitters or stop them on their way to get closer to G-d. Or, it's even worse, this makes them look for different religions - often close to idolatry - as the way out for their religious feelings. The Bnei Noah community would be able to become the answer to those who are not ready to convert for some reasons but still want to serve One G-d.

We're sure it's impossible to found such community without Jewish organizations participation. It's due to the separation of non-Jews of Moscow who hold on to Seven Laws and due to the absense of possibility and background for unity and development. Besides, the help will be necessary in Tora studies and in the definitions of how exactly the commandments given to the whole mankind must be observed. And it would be almost impossible to do without participation of rabbis.

Addressing and asking you to help us found Bnei Noah community, we'd like to underline the advantages that can be taken by Moscow Jews. We suppose that non-Jews - members of Bnei Noah community - could also become voluntarily help to develop Jewish programs. We're sure there are many specialists in various areas of knowledge among non-Jews. Many of them would be really useful for Jewish programs development in Moscow.

Thank you for your attention to the letter! May G-d give the prosperity to both you and all Jewish people!

All the best to you!

P.S. "We should listen to the voice heard by Noah after the Flood to achieve the harmony of mankind existence. To take the absolute values as the principle, the values founded by the Creator of the world, the values one can not play for the benefit of feeling comfortable. Those values are beyond the subjective human mind."
(Lubavitcher rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneersohn)

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