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Adam was called into being but humanity's creation was not finished yet. G-d said: "It is not good that man is alone. I shall make a helpmate opposite him" (Bereshit 2:18). It means if man is worthy in his way of life, she will be a helpmate. If he is not worthy - she will be against him, to fight him.

G-d sent a sound sleep upon Adam and, before making woman, He started reasoning from which part of Adam's body she should be sculptured? He decided.

- I shall not make her from his head coz then she will be arrogant.

- I shall not make her from his eyes coz then she will be curious.

- I shall not make her from his mouth coz then she will be talkative.

- I shall not make her from his ears coz then she will eavesdrop.

- I shall not make her from his legs coz then she will be inclined to flirting.

- I shall make her from the hidden part of the body - from his rib for woman should be modest.

And so it's under way since then that man is really attracted by the woman who doesn't behave defiant and who has that inexplicable pristine mystery that he tries hard to puzzle out.

Woman was formed out of bone. Touch a bone and it emits sound; hence woman's voice is thinner than man's. Again, man was made from earth, which is softer if compared to bone and melts when water comes over it, while woman, being formed from very hard substance is more stubborn and unbending.

In His great wisdom Hashem formed Hava's body differently from man's and endowed it with a wonderful ability to bring children into this world.

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