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Third Month is Sivan

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Sivan is the third month of Biblical calendar. The constellation of Gemini corresponds to it. This is a light hint for prophet Moses and high priest Aharon who were equal in their significance and to whom Tora was presented in this month. Because it was on the first of Sivan when Israel settled their camp by the mount of Sinai. They were ready for getting Tora.

The influence of the month constellation consists in the unity available for all the peoples of the world in this period of time. They all can think and feel like one person. Israel was honoured to get Tora only after its people united, everyone fell deep into love, brotherly feelings, learned how to live in peace and love. For Tora is compared to marriage based on peace and love.

Sages teach the month is initially meant and is most right for making peace and strengthening unity, entering into an alliance, to get marry and most important - for entering into the Covenant of Peace based on love alliance between G-d and all the peoples of the world.

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