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Human Being

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Human was created at the outcome of the very last day among Six Days of Creation, already after heavens, oceans and earth, plants and animals were created. G-d acted like a host laying the table for a guest. For host brings a guest only after the table is laid and everything is ready. The same with Hashem Who wanted Adam to meet the world well-arranged for him. He also wanted Adam to remember though he is the "crown of creation" - he's only guest in here. Besides, human was created latter so that he'd remember about that and would not over-estimate his own importance. And so it's under way - if somebody becomes supercilious, the others tell him: "Even gnat, it was created earlier than you!"

Before creating Adam, Hashem said: "Let us create human!" As the head of the state consults his ministers before adopting a law, as G-d started to act only after consulting His angels. He wanted to elucidate what they think about it. Angels divided...

Kindness proclaimed: "May he be created for he will make good". Truth remonstrated: "He should not be created for he will be full of lie". Righteousness insisted: "He's worth being created for he will do righteous deeds". Peace objected: "Do not create him for he will not have consent". Tora opposed too: "Sovereign of the Universe! Why do You want to create the human? His life is short and full of pain. He is sure to sin. Let's admit if You do not have condescension - it's better for him not to appear in the world at all!" And here the soft voice of Charity was heard: "Sovereign of the Universe! Vouchsafe Thou to create a being in Thy likeness for it will be a noble creature striving to imitate Thy attributes by its actions. I see man now in spirit, that being with G-d's breath in his nostrils, seeking to perform his great mission, to do his noble work. I see him now in spirit, approaching the humble hut, seeking out those who are distressed and wretched to comfort them, drying the tears of the afflicted and despondent, raising up those who are bowed down in spirit, reaching his helping hand to those who are in need of help, speaking peace to the heart of widow and giving shelter to the orphans. Such a creature can not fail to be a glory to His Maker".

G-d approved the pleading of Charity, rejected objections of those opposing and decided in favour of calling man into being. His ultimate word sounded like this: "I am kind and long-patient. I am ready to create human despite all of his demerits!"

Hashem described human with different words than all other creatures. He said: "A man will be created in Our (with angels) image, after Our likeness. He will possess a mental need to comprehend Creation and serve Sovereign of the Universe as if he'd be one of the angels. But mind is what distinguishes him as a human". And also G-d said: "If he fulfills My will, he will carry Divine image and reign over the animals. If not, he will lose Divine image and will not reign over the animals, but animals will reign over him".

After that, Hashem created human.

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