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Eleventh Month is Shevat

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Shevat is eleventh month of the year according to Biblical calendar. The constellation of Aquarius or vessel - if translated literally from Biblical language - corresponds to the month of Shevat. It's written in Tora (Bemidbar 24:7): "And his seed shall have abundant water..." As far as most of rains usually end by the month of Shevat, reservoirs are full with water this time and one doesn't need to draw water in the very depth of wells - the dip-buckets are anyway abound in water.

On Shevat 1, prophet Moses began to read the book of Tora Dvarim while being in steppes of Moav, on the Eastern bank of Jordan river. The book is full of bitter but fair reproaches - coz Israel repeatedly disobeyed to G-d for almost forty years spent in desert. That's why Sages compare date of Shevat 1 to date of Tora's Giving. Although it's known Tora and commandments were given to Jewish people by G-d on Sivan 6, on Shevat 1 new sources for Tora get opened within the heart of every human. And during next thirty seven days - up till Adar 7 - they are honoured with new revelations.

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