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In other words, charity rescues the man not only from hell in the World to Come, but from the death in this world as well. It is able to cancel the most severe sentence passed regarding man by Heavens and even to stop the angel of death. No more no less.

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It always happens like that. G-d sends to man exactly the woman, who is meant to become his wife. And it happens most of times precisely at the moment when we wait for that least of all. However if there's Heavens' will - future husband and wife will for sure meet.

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Talmud directly says this world is created by G-d such way that it can not exist without money. However all Biblical words, referred to money, point at their "mobility". Hashem takes money from one person and supports another with them, if He decides that necessary.

ImageDeceit and Desire - a Sweet Couple
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When G-d commanded of every creature two of each to Noah - all animals had to enter the Ark in pairs. Deceit set off to look for pair and met Desire. - Where did you come from? - Desire asked. - I returned from the Ark of Noah. I wanted to enter but was not allowed coz I didn't have a girlfriend.

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The evil got its way to the world in consequence of Adam's sin. It as if got great powers for destruction and it was choosing where to direct them. Moon came to be choice object - as the most important element of government. After that attack, Moon came to be the one that we can see today.

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Tora means the best and spiritually perfect part of human when speaking about Adam's thirteenth rib. Taking it from Adam, G-d decided to form woman precisely from that part, endowing her body and soul with so beatiful and wonderful traits. The emptiness inside Adam's body, G-d replaced with flesh.

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Adam was called into being but humanity's creation was not finished yet. G-d said: "It is not good that man is alone. I shall make a helpmate opposite him" (Bereshit 2:18). It means if man is worthy in his way of life, she will be a helpmate. If he is not worthy - she will be against him, to fight him.

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G-d was making Adam's body next way. He gathered earth from all parts of the world to build Adam's arms and legs. He took Babylonian earth for a trunk. But to make a head - the most important part of human body - Hashem took handful of earth from the Holy Land of Israel.

ImageHuman Being
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Human was created at the outcome of the very last day among Six Days of Creation, already after heavens, oceans and earth, plants and animals were created. G-d acted like a host laying the table for a guest. For host brings a guest only after the table is laid and everything is ready.

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